Principals of Infection Control Part 3: Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Principals of Infection Control Part 3: Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Accredited By : Dubai Health Authority

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Diana Grobler

Bachelor of Nursing, MSc Healthcare Management (MHCM), Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

AED 59



Infection Control Awareness

Refresh and strengthen the Infection Control Prevention knowledge of healthcare professional.


Medical, Nursing and Para-Medical/Support staff. Stressing the importance of the three fundamental groups of people involved in compliance with Infection Control and Prevention.

Applying knowledge in preventing and or minimizing infections

Increase the availability of basic information on Prevention of Infection and creating an awareness culture through education.

Recognizing patient safety as a global healthcare responsibility

Applying acquired knowledge in preventing healthcare associated infections by the correct use of PPE in healthcare organizations.

  • This first topic will present a broad overview of the importance of Infection Control. It will address the necessity of teamwork amongst staff, patient, and family and their involvement in the prevention and control of infection whilst again - reminding us that we get - one time only- to get it right.
  • It will provide basic information on Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) with a focus on:
  • Types and sources of HAI
  • Main routes/transmission of the spread of infection
  • It will explore also ways to prevent HAI with a focus on:

    Hand washing and methods

    The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    This lecture will strengthen healthcare professional’s knowledge of Infection Control Prevention and Safety by reminding them of the basic principles

  • Most countries have strict regulations and comprehensive guidelines to regulate Infection control practices, for detailed information refers to locally applicable regulations and guidelines.



Principals of Infection Control: Part 3 Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Diana Grobler

Bachelor of Nursing, MSc Healthcare Management (MHCM), Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Diana Grobler is a Healthcare Management and Quality consultant with experience in the commissioning of new facilities and Project Management. She has extensive experience in Healthcare Accreditation and Process Mapping and Redesign. Promote Quality Health Care delivery through Continuous Quality Improvement. Diana is qualified in Nursing Administration, Midwifery, Community Health Science, and Orthopaedics. Along with her nursing degree; Diana holds additional qualifications such as MSc in Healthcare Management (MHCM) and Master in Business Administration (MBA).

Diana promotes professional and personal growth for the present and next generation of Healthcare Nursing Leaders/ managers, she extends her extensive clinical, managerial, educational and multinational, and cultural experience in reputed healthcare-orientated organizations by creating a working environment for nurses in which they can thrive and become independent, focused and self-directed. Endeavor to establish a Nursing Career of which we can be proud.
During her career, she attempted to make the transition period for nurses in the private sector in the ME as smooth as possible by designing a preceptorship program for nurses in the Middle East. Encouraging Nurses to become Administrators with a vision by training Managers and supplying them with the skills and tools to manage in the constantly changing healthcare environment.


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