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Dr. Oussama Kayali

MBA, MBBS Nursing, Licensed instructor with diploma from AHA, ASHI and GCAA

Dr. Kayali is an accomplished professional with vast experience in health regulation, hospital operations management, and facilities regulations to name a few. Dr. Oussama Kayali is a medical doctor with MBA in Hospital Management from Danub University – Austria, Dr. Kayali is a surveyor with the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) since 2008 years and worked between 2017 – 2019 as a Middle East representative for ACHS International. Earlier, he was working as a Projects Manager with Bin Haider Healthcare Services and leading four healthcare projects at different design/construction stages. 

Between 2015 - 2017 Dr. Kayali was appointed as Consultant & Head of Regulation Section in the Health Regulation Department, Dubai Health Authority (DHA). During that time, he leads the development of 16 new DHA health regulations, standards, and guidelines including Bariatric Surgery, Oncology, Telehealth, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Sleep Laboratory. Dr. Kayali was also the inventor of the DHA Weyak initiative aiming to improve the inspection model of health facilities.

Earlier he was the Operations Director, at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery in Dubai for two years, where he was instrumental in the hospital's operational activities and served on numerous committees which contributed to achieving the hospital's many international and local excellence programs including Specialty Hospital of the Year by World Health Tourism Congress in August 2014.

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